Chatswong Gods philosophical teachings

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Punishment (Cylinderworm era)

After our Hero Monkey Friend’s grand adventure, he had settled back into his normal routine of monkeying against downers on Nucleus. With all this spare time on his hands, our Hero Monkey Friend had jumped onto the crafting boat. He had forced many of the captured Fangamians to smelt and remaster weapons (of which he had destroyed many opponents, shed many tears and drew much blood to acquire) into different kinds of metal. The Fangamians worked hard, very very hard.

The Great God was getting angry with our Hero Monkey Friends sins. Thou shalt not harm any creation of Gabe. (Book of Toadmyster). Many Fangamians had been overworked, many lost their children and families, and many were mistreated by the Hero Monkey Friend. The Great God did acknowledge what our Hero Monkey Friend had done and was doing, but with this support came great punishment.

When the final scrap metal was crafted, the final piece of triumph, the final stepping stone to the dawn of a new era, our Hero Monkey Friend hastily demanded the Fangamians to create the catalyst of a new hero, the new headgear.

After 14 hours, the Chatswong warehouse fell silent, our Hero Monkey Friend had discovered the new headgear bestowed upon him, the birth of a new hero could begin.

James Dean: Cylinderworm has crafted: Master’s Yellow Belt.

This was a severe punishment the Great God had bestowed on the Hero Monkey Friend, a consequence of his sins, our Hero Monkey Friend knew better than to work the Fangamians so hard, and mistreat them so much, but yet he continued, upon his own greed and misfortune. Our Hero Monkey friend is a Jarate Master, but no master needs 2 belts.

With this great loss, our Hero Monkey Friend vowed to never craft, or mistreat a Fangamian again. With that statement, he hugged his puppies and fed his ducks, he Ninten'd his Dude, he stacked his Chairs, he PSI'd his Guys, Boxed his Lunch and was refreshed from his sins.