Chatswong Gods philosophical teachings

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Curiosity (Randrew Rorris era)

Thousands of years after Chatswong, the world and the planets of the universe had all turned to cold spheres of blackness. The world had become industrialised once again (although this industrialisation was very different to that of Puppyduck’s era) and subjecivity meant nothing.

The term ‘curiosity killed the cat’ had been brought to real┬ámeaning in this idle period of the world, if anyone still lived they lived for machinery, lived for work and production, lived for industry, or they lived on the dark, dusty sides of the planet over the ruins of the old world, the ruins of the Fangamer temple, the ruins of Judi Dench’s Erotic Ghosts courtyard, and the ruins of the Chatswong shrine.

The old tiles and glass from the Chatswong shrine crunched as a lonely Pyro (Randrew Rorris) stepped over the once rich, beautiful, prosperous land of Easyway and Dim Sims. Randrew’s brain slug- his Tribionorphius Tyrannus jiggled and sighed, it collected Randrew’s thoughts and curiosity and it felt Randrew’s sadness. Although Randrew’s contemplation and serenity was only smothered by Robbie Morris’ (Randrew’s Pyro Brother) disdain.

Robbie would always disagree with Randrew and not question, but force Randrew to beleive nothing in Chatswong, Robbie had no regard for Randrew’s own love, Randrew’s gods. Robbie had turned to one of the many post-apocalyptic civilians of the godless society, Randrew however, kept beleiving and having faith in Chatswong, disregardless of what Robbie Morris enforced.

Randrew needed to find- he needed to learn and discover, he needed to re-teach the history of Chatswong. His accumulated knowledge of Chatswong was choppy and detached, he knew of the previous 8 fathers, the previous 8 gods, he knew of the mistakes made by Nintendude and WLL, he knew of the faith that Toadmyster showed, he heard of the rescue that Cylinderworm had made, remembered the sacrifice that Hellbender made, thought about the discovery that Sleepy Leo made, was reminded of the escape that Puppyduck made, but longed to learn more, specifically what happened beyond Puppyduck around the era of Micah. He was curious, his desire to learn burned within him, he needed to rediscover that Chatswong Gods and learn what happened to the great, once perfect land.