Chatswong Gods philosophical teachings

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Initiative (Randrew Rorris era)

Randrew couldn’t stand it, the desire to learn more, to discover and experience Book of Micah, to recover the lost transcripts of the bible. His passion and need for this was eating away his Tribionorphius Tyrannus, Randrew saw this as the perfect excuse to rediscover Chatswong’s lost teaching, he had to find out, for the sake of his best friend, so that his Tribionorphius Tyrannus wouldn’t die. Robbie however, thought otherwise.

Randrew had once heard (although Robbie tried convincing otherwise), in the ruins of Fangamer there was a time machine, once used by Simonbob so that he could live life like a Chrono Trigger, but Randrew didn’t want this for his own leisure, he needed this to satisfy his desire. Randrew turned to the moon, as the sun burned out many decades ago, and navigated his way to the ruins of Fangamer, escaping the pursuit of Robbie, constantly needing to hide in old concorted metal, mouldy caves and dusty chimneys. To a normal person all the wreckage would look the same, but all Randrew has known all his life has been this industrial wasteland, he knew exactly where to go, Unfortunately, so did Robbie.

Randrew crossed the cold dustĀ of Soulix, walked over the graves of Anima and Witted, he scaled the old decaying buildings of Games on the Net and finally reached the ruins of Fangamer. Randrew had never seen the old Fagamer before, only the factories in the industrial CBD that belonged to Fangamer, Randrew was astounded.

The ruins of Fangamer were unlike those of Chatswong, rather than looking liked a destroyed, ruined paradise, Fangamer looked like an old abbotoir, broken glass, chains, steel and skeletons everywhere. The eerie setting smelled of hatred and sent a sharp chill down Randrew’s spine. His Tribionorphius Tyrannus quivered.

Randrew was petrified to touch any of these instruments and devices of spite and anger, he was frightened to even move, he gripped his axe as hard as he could, incase any uninviting beings decided to pull a sick joke on him. A chilling breeze blew through his face, his Tribionorphius Tyrannus wailed and hid inside Randrew’s collar. Without hesitating, Randrew grabbed the nearest bit of barbed wire and concorted metal and wove it around his axe, creating a weapon worthy of extinguishing anything: The Axetinguisher.

Randrew took slow, cautious, pony-steps toward a large capsule, he knew this was Simonbob’s machine, it was the only thing intact. This machine was a falic looking thing, it had the Fangamer logo splattered across the front and was covered in wires and old technology. Randrew was dissapointed with how vintage this machine was, the technology once amazing now seemed primitive, but Randrew knew it would work, it had to work.

As Randrew took one more step toward his destiny, his goal, a shady figure blasted out of the sky, base-jumped right in front of Randrew, parachuteless. As the dust settles Randrew could see the ground had cracked, the figure arose and boomed, Randrew knew it was Robbie.

Robbie’s Alien Parasite shreiked leading Randrew’s Tribionorphius Tyrannus to quiver, Randrew hastily put his Brain Slug in the safety of his collar so it wouldn’t be harmed, likewise, Robbie threw his Parasite out of the way, because it would only be a nuisance from Robbies ambition: stop Randrew.

Robbie took a hefty swing at Randrew’s face, and swiftly, Randrew dodged and using the momentum from the blow, Randrew swung the axetinguisher at Robbie’s legs, creating a shrill SNAP as Robbie’s shins caved. Robbie wailed in pain, and while struggling himself up, Randrew quickly hurdled over Robbie toward the time machine, but he wasn’t quick enough.

Robbie had threw himself at the machine, equipped with his Homewrecker, he raised it above his head, like Thor would, Randrew was petrified as he was the hammer come down on the control panel of Simonbob’s holy grail.

In an instant, right before the hammer touched the machine, Randrew’s Tyrannus zoomed out of his collar, and clung right to Robbie’s face, disorienting him. Robbie moaned in agony, whilst Randrew stood shocked. Robbie’s parasite quickly caught on, and scrambled up Randrew’s leg and all around his body, Randrew felt the piercing tickle and quickly pried the parasite off his head.

Robbie melted away in a gooey lava mass, the parasite mourned and cried over his deceased master’s body, and the gentle brain slug snuggled back into Randrew’s arms. Randrew felt a huff of releif and a jolt of happiness.

Randrew placed his hand on the machine, his rubber glove squealed as he slid his hand across the old, dirty glass surface, it was a rather small machine, it would just fit Randrew, his Tribionorphius would have to squeeze a little tighter to fit, but that didn’t bother it, the Tribionorphius Tyrannus trusted Randrew, and although it was very frightened, it wanted to go with Randrew, it knew Randrew would keep it safe.

Randrew creaked open the door of Simonbob’s time machine and very carefully, as lightly as he could, stepped into the capsule, made himself comfortable then closed the lid.