Chatswong Gods philosophical teachings

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Birth (Cylinderworm era)

One mistake that Toadmyster made was to establish Chatswong in Fangamer territory.

During this time, Fangamer was led by their Pharoah, Vivi. Cylinderworm was born into this era of Chatswong and Fangamer, Cylinderworm was a simple little monkey born into a world with an inescapable fate; Vivi had commanded that all Chatswongians and Monkey children born be drowned in the river.

Cylinderworm’s mother kept him hidden for 3 months, feeding him all the leftover Easyway she could and making sure he grew to be a healthy monkey until she could hide him no longer.

Cylinderworm’s mother wove a basket of bananas and put the little monkey inside the banana boat along with his fathers sniper rifle.
She watched the small craft flow down the river until it reached a bank where Sensei monkey was bathing. Cylinderworm’s mother knew that her son would be safe with the Sensei. She took one last look at her son and took off.

Sensei monkey brought Cylinderworm back to his tree and raised him along with all the other monkeys, Cylinderworm spent many hours learning how to snipe like a monkey, how to make shields out of car batteries and wood and carved very dangerous shiv’s out of old Fangamian weapons. Sensei monkey knew this little monkey was special.