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Return (Randrew Rorris era)

With a smile on his face, a heart full of satisfaction and a Tribionorphius Tyrannus filled with excitement, Randrew pulled the switch one more time, knowing when he returned, Chatswong will be standing strong for him to experience the beauty and finally taste some Easyway.

The bright colours flashed before his eyes again, cyan, magenta, yellow, black, all colours were there swirling in a vortex making his head spin and brain feel like it was going to fall out of his ears. His Tribionorphius Tyrannus started to liquify over his head and drip all over his mask, just before it dripped down his neck the colours stopped, the air cooled, the Tribionorphius solidified again and everything fell silent. Randrew eagerly, yet carefully opened the door of his make-shift capsule, he took one small step outside then poked his head out, eyes closed.

Randrew steadied himself on the ground, he could hear a sharp crunch, the air felt cool and there was no noise. Randrew slowly opened his eyes.

Chatswong had not changed.

It looked as though Randrew had never left, the same wreckage he had been seeing all his life, the same craters, the same destruction, the same factories, the same dust. Nothing had changed.

Randrew felt useless, he felt small and weak. Tribionorphius Tyrannus tried to comfort him and snuggled on his shoulder, but Randrew just felt angry and grabbed the Tyrannus, ripped it off his body and threw it on the floor. Randrew was angry, shocked and sad with himself. Tears filled his eyes and started to flow down his face, he fell heavily to his knees and cupped the little Tyrannus in his hands, he cried as he stroked the Tyrannus’ little withered body and regretted everything he had done.

Chatswong could not be fixed and Randrew was truly alone for the first time in his life, he felt real sadness. His curiosity killed his cat.