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Infatuation (Micah era)

Micah had been nervous for weeks, his university grades had been dropping and his time seemed to slip away, all that he could think about was her. Micah would spend hours in class, sitting and looking, watching, observing. He never dared speak to her, just look at her, intake her beauty and charm. Micah was in love.

Micah also spent hours on facebook hunting her down, he didn’t know her name and was too nervous to ask, so he fished through friends and friends of friends and friends of the friends friends until he capped his internet, he couldn’t stand waiting another month, so he went to a public computer. It was there where he found her.


Micah was overwhelmed by this next step, he was one step closer to marrying her and making her the perfect wife, one step closer. Micah’s heart soared.

Micah without missing a second sent her a friend request, and refreshed the page every second, his eyes hawked on the notification box waiting for her approval. He grew tired and needed sleep, but he couldn’t sleep for he was so excited and overjoyed, he stayed up all night waiting for her.

Micah grew worried that she may not have accepted, Micah grew anxious that something may have happened to her, as Micah was about to tear his hair out from worry, a little red box popped up. Micah instantly knew, Chair accepted his friend request.