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Meeting (Micah era)

Micah had spent many suns and even more moons talking to Chair via facebook, Sending Chair links to funny things he found on 4chan and delicious pictures of delicious Scanwiches. However, Micah was still too nervous.

Micah has spent his last few weeks hermitting Yahoo Answers and the Neopets forums, asking his Internet diplomats what and how he would pop the question to Chair. However, with all Micah’s great learning, came great consequence. TFN had quickly caught onto Micah’s pipe-dream.

Micah lay awake all night, not that that was out of the norm for him, however this time, he wasn’t tired, this time he was actually excited, more excited than he was when he sent Chair a request, tomorrow, he was going to talk to Chair in person.

Micah had intercepted Chair on her way home from school, he had spent all morning creating and concocting a beautiful, flamboyant picnic for Chair, Micah was grinning from ear to ear.

The sun reflected off Chair’s face, her long, mousy ponytail swayed with her walking, Micah could smell her barbie deodorant. Swept of his feet, Micah nervously approached Chair. He timidly looked her in the eye and blurted out his request; ‘Willyouliketohavesexwithme?’ jibbered Micah, ‘What?’ responded Chair in her high pitched, 12 year old voice, ‘I mean-’ responded Micah, calming down ‘Would you like to join me for a picnic?’

They stared at each other for a few seconds.

Yes.' replied Chair, softly and sweetly.

Micah’s heart skipped 400 000 beats, and he had to be driven to hospital by Chair’s mother, but Chair accompanied him the entire way and so did another guest, an unwanted guest, TFN had witnessed everything going on and TFN was not happy.